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Inherent Energy Ltd are installers of voltage optimisers for homes and businesses. We source voltage optimisers through our manufacturing partners, the technology is a must for any power user looking to cut electricity bills and reduce carbon emmissions.

If you're worried about the carbon reduction commitment or simply want to reduce your business or household utility bills then installing a voltage optimisation unit is one of the most cost-effective energy management technologies that is available in todays market. 

Voltage Optimiser/Optimizer Installation - Proven Technology (Installer in Newcastle, Gateshead, Durham, Northumberland, North East)

Voltage Optimisation is on of the fastest growing energy saving technologies. Voltage Optimisation systems reduce the voltage fed from the grid to equipment in your home to around 220 Volts.

Voltager Optimiser - Brief Overview

The European Union introduced the Low Voltage directive (LVD) to regulate the normal operating voltage of electrical equipment to be supplied in Europe. As a consequence equipment which bear the CE mark is designed to operate most efficiently at 220V. This is due to the average European voltage being between 220-230V. As of 2012 the UK Electrical Quality and Supply regulations were modified and as a result the statutory supply specification in the UK changed to 400V/230V +/-10%, this was brought about to harmonise the UK voltage in line with the European voltage. Although this occurred the current average UK voltage still remains at 242V, this is much higher than the 220V that's necessary.

The National Grid supplies electricity at around 242V in order to comply with the Electricity Supply Regulations. The regulations stipulate that electricity supplied should be 230V +/- 10% which is 207-253V. Due to this regulation it is possible to have an incoming voltage near to 250V supplying equipment that are designed to run most effiiciently at 220V. In this very likely eventuality the excess voltage creates surplus power which is just dissipated as heat and vibration, which is significantly proven to reduce the lifespan of machinery and appliances. 

Voltage Optimiser - The Solution

Inherent Energy can supply and install a Voltage Optimisation unit at your home or business. This is one of the most cost effective and simplest ways to reduce your annual electricity bills. The VO unit is effective on voltages ranging from 230-260V.

As a result of operating at the right voltage your home or business can benefit from the following:

  • Possibly reduce your kWh consumption by upto 19%
  • Possibly reduce your electricity bills by upto 19%
  • Possibly reduce carbon emmissions by upto 19%
  • Domestic households with a voltage of 240-264V will typically save around £80-£94 in 2014-15
  • Reduce operational expenditure of equipment as a result of reduced stresses on lighting and voltage dependant equipment
  • Good return on Investment
  • Entirely maintenance free
  • No monitoring required - just fit and forget 
  • Improves power quality by reducing harmonic disturbance and reactive power
  • Appliances no longer have to run at maximum voltage

Inherent Energy Ltd can offer a turnkey service for large commercial businesses, Small to medium enterprises and domestic households. 

Please find below an impartial guide provided by the Carbon Trust which gives you key information regarding voltage management:

The Carbon Trust Voltage Management Guide

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