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Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

Inherent Energy are MCS accredited installers for all solar thermal panels. As one of the leading installers in the UK we have worked with howeowners, businesses, local authortities, and farmers. We select the best available components from leading manufacturers, Schuco, TiSun, and Genersys so you can be confident in the performance and quality of the system we install.

"My oil fired boiler didn't come on once between March and September"

Darren, Newcastle

Solar Performance

A typical solar thermal installation in the UK reduces residential heating bills by up to 70%. It is never sized for 100% as early morning showers are not compatible with solar systems! The solar system will always compliment an existing boiler, think of the solar panels doing the hard work taking the water temperature upto 45 degrees in winter and the gas boiler taking the water the last bit to 60 degrees. Solar Thermal Solar thermal / solar water heating system uses heat energy from the sun to generate hot water for heating applications where the demand for hot water is significant such as showers and swimming baths. A solar thermal system depending on the size of the installation can provide up to 70% of your total annual hot water requirement. There are two different types of solar thermal systems, the flat plate and the evacuated tube.

Each square metre of the UK receives between 900 - 1200kwh per year

How it works

When solar radiation or solar energy hits and object the short wave radiation is converted to long wave radiation and this process creates heat. The flat plate uses a black coated surface to absorb and contain as much of the Sun's radiation to maximise the hot water generation. The evacuated tube uses a vacuum filled glass tube to enclose each individual pipe, this reduces the heat loses making this method more efficient.

Solar thermal grants and financing

1) Low carbon building program (LCBP) covering 50% of the total renewable project and are availible to:

  • schools,
  • housing charities,
  • social housing,
  • charity groups and trusts,
  • churches,
  • village halls,
  • community centres

The LCBP for the installation of renewable energy on residential properties is limites to £400 

2) Good Energy HotROCs - under this scheme you are paid 4.5p per kilowatt of heat that you produce

3) Community Sustainable Energy (CESP) - grants of up to 50% with a maximum of £50,000 are available to:

  • schools
  • housing charities
  • charity groups and trusts
  • churches
  • village halls
  • community centres

4) Salix funding for UK public sector bodies - interest free funding to help accelerate investment in energy efficient technologies

5) In 2011 the government plans to introduce a Renewable Heat Incentive which will reward people per kilowatt of heat generated from there solar thermal.

6) Scottish governtment Energy Efficiency Action Plan - £10,000 loans for residential investment in energy efficient technolgies

7) Scotland Energy Saving Trust - Builders and developers can apply for 30% grants (up to £4,000 per property) to install domestic renewable energy systems on behalf of future householders.We will guide you through your grant application forms so to maximise the help that is available.

Important to note that both the LCBP and the CSEP can be applied for together which will allow for 100% grant funding for certain projects.

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