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Inherent Energy Ltd are an MCS accredited installer of photovoltaic solar panel (PV) systems in Newcastle, Gateshead, Durham, Northumberland, North East England, London & Nationwide. which generate electricity from sunlight. We will install any size of system, from small domestic photovoltaic solar panel PV systems up to the largest PV arrays installed in the UK (currently around 100-200 kWp). We use high quality components from the top manufacturers Canadian Solar, Solarworld, LG, Schletter and Click Fit. We install BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) solar tiles and installation of thin film solar products in addition to traditional panels which can be both on roof or in roof.

As an Installer we know that the installation of a Photovoltaic Solar Panel PV system consists of:

Solar Photovoltaic PV Panels: These are usually installed on the roof of the building. They can be integrated (replacing the tiles) or non-integrated and installed on almost any type of roof (e.g. tiled or metal, sloping or flat).  

Inverters and isolators: these are typically installed in the loft of a house (a house will have just one inverter = grey box) or in the switch room of a larger building. The solar PV modules are connected to the inverters which convert the DC electricity to AC. A cable then runs from here to the main distribution board / fusebox for the building

AC isolator, energy meter and distribution board: the PV system is connected into the building’s electricity supply at the main distribution board. An AC isolator (switch) is provided at this point so that anyone working on the building’s electricity supply can isolate the PV system. An energy meter is also provided to show how much energy the PV system has generated.

Visual display: a large display unit can be installed anywhere in a building in order to show building users how much energy the PV system is generating.

Solar PV Feed In Tariff

1) In 2010 the government introduced the Feed in Tariff which rewards people per kilowatt of electricity generated from there solar PV.

The current payment rates for the Feed in Tariff for eligible installations installed before 1st July 2014 are: 

  • < 4kWp retrofit           14.39p per kWh 

In addition to the above there will be an 4.64p per kWh export premium if you sell electricity back to the grid.

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