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Our renewable energy services

 Inherent Energy offer a full service solution including:

  • Feasibility studies to identify the most appropriate renewable energy
  • Provide energy efficiency solutions for your individual requirements.
  • Design, supply, install and commission a broad range of products to meet a wide range of requirements.
  • Full project management of installations from design through to commissioning.
  • Assistance in securing grants and ensuring all requirements to claim are met.
  • Long-term maintenance and service agreements.
  • Provision of third party finance to provide part of the installation cost not covered by the grants.

Through our team of highly qualified, designers, engineers, and installers we:

  • Are experienced in working on new build and retro-fit projects
  • Can work with integrating renewable energy systems (including BIPV) with existing building services
  • Ensure minimum disruption for tenants, clients or building users
  • Work with contractors as part of a team for the delivery of large, complex building projects.