Inherent Energy provides feasibility, design, supply and installation services across the full-range of renewable energy solutions to existing and new-build homes across the UK. Homeowners will benefit from lower energy bills by harnessing the power of renewable energy technologies.

How Much? Our average complete cost for a solar install is £3800 inc

The majority of homeowners, particularly in existing homes, are not fully-aware of the potential and possibilities that are provided by sustainable and low carbon energy solutions. Homeowners can potentially achieve immediate cost and increased comfort savings by installing technologies such as solar thermal, solar photovoltaics (PV), ground and air source heat pumps and wind systems.

The benefits of installing Inherent Energy microgeneration renewable energy systems on domestic properties include:

  • Economic Savings – power and heating savings
  • Environmental – reduced carbon emissions and carbon footprint
  • Various government grant funding assistance available
  • Security of energy supply, rising energy costs and reduce your electricity bills
  • Low Maintenance - Durable systems
  • Maintenance - costs are reduced due to the simplicity and reliability of renewable energy systems
  • Potential for adding value to your home

Other Services

Inherent Energy assists property owners with professional, impartial and independent advice on low carbon technology solutions.

We provide detailed, comprehensive and a friendly service at a level to suit you, including the following:

  • Feasibility studies through site assessments and surveys, providing independent, technically advice on the best solution to power and heat your home
  • Home energy survey to allow homeowners to make an informed choice on energy efficiency upgrades
  • Comparing the costs and benefits of different renewable energy technology solutions to meet your home energy requirements (including solar thermal, solar PV, wind, heat pumps and hydropower)
  • Financial advice on solutions available to the homeowner through detailed cost models
  • Project management from concept through to installation and delivering both ‘standard’ bespoke designs.
  • Advice on how homeowners contribute to reducing their utility bills and Greenhouse Gas emissions without sacrificing comfort and therefore reducing their carbon footprint
  • Sizing the appropriate renewable energy system for your home including heating, hot water and electrical systems