air source heat pumps

Heat Pumps

Inherent Energy work with the leading manufacturers of Air source heat pumps, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Dimplex and Ecodan.

Heat pumps are simple to install, cost effective and offer outstanding energy efficiency. The technology offers a low carbon alternative to traditional boilers in modern buildings. The typical payback time if the technology is correctly sized in a well insullated building is 5 years.

How do they work?

Air Source Heat Pumps – A heat pump needs a heat source (the outside air), two heat exchangers (one to absorb and one to release heat) and a relatively small amount of drive energy to keep the system going.

A heat pump extracts thermal energy from the environment. The pump extracts the energy at a certain temperature, increases that temperature and then releases it into a medium like under floor heating system or fan coil units. Between those two media the heat is moved by means of a working fluid.

Technical continued

A large quantity of low grade energy absorbed from the environment is transferred to the refigerant inside the heat pump. This causes the temperature of the refigereant to rise (causing it to change from a liquid to a gas.

The refrigerant is then compressed, using an electrically driven compressor, reducing its vlumebut causing its temeperature to rise significantly.

A heat exchanger (condensor) then extracts the heat from the refigerant to heat water for central heating or domestic hot water

After giving up its heat energy the refigerant turns back into a liquid and after passing through an expansion vlave can once again absorbe energy from the environment, allowing the cycle to begin again.

Typically installations for residential would be under 15kW and require single phase electrical connection