Commercial Projects and Sub contracting

Inherent Energy are experienced installers working with main contractors and developers. Our experienced team have delivered multiple PFI, design and build projects and understand the timeframes and restrictions placed on subcontractors. The team have delivered projects all over the UK and Ireland.

Inherent Energy through our sister company Hadrian Architectal Glazing are one of the only companies in the UK able to deliver large BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) projects.

We work with architects and developers advising them on various aspects of how best to integrate renewable energy technologies in to their design of a building or development. As part of this service Inherent Energy develop methods for best practice during the construction process.

Inherent Energy are focused on assisting the client achieving their energy reduction and sustainability goals. Acting as renewable energy consultants providing advisory services and guidance we can investigate the solutions and measures that will provide financially viable carbon savings with government grant assisted funding.

Our services include:

* Project/development appraisal
* Site survey
* Technical and Economic Feasibility studies
* Outline design
* Procurement and tender appraisal
* Project management
* Supply, installation, testing and commissioning
* On going maintenance and monitoring of your project to achieve economic success

Understanding the build process and working closely with architects and specifiers, or as part of the design team, allows Inherent Energy to deliver cost effective solutions without delay to the building programme. If you are considering renewable energy technologies as part of a building's design, the earlier you consult with an accredited renewable energy consultant the more opportunity you will have to develop the most economic and cost effective solution.


Inherent Energy provides services including feasibility, design, supply, installation and management of renewable energy systems offering a turnkey solution to the commercial, domestic and public sectors.

Inherent Energy has extensive experience integrating small systems through to large scale renewable energy systems into buildings and developments. We can assist in the development of projects in line with the government targets on zero-carbon homes. 

Inherent Energy can help:

  • Design low and zero carbon homes
  • Determine the most economic renewable energy solutions for a development
  • Ensure developments achieves carbon reduction targets
  • Apply for planning permission and adhere to building regulations and current legislation
  • Apply for grant funding and other financial opportunities

Our experience and flexible approach enables us to easily integrate with a project design team at any stage of a development or project.