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Passionate about renewables

Providing full renewable energy solutions

At Inherent Energy we like a challenge and can provide a renewable energy solution to solve any problem. Our specialists offer a full range of services that include initial concept, design, installation, testing, commission and maintenance.

Inherent Energy is accredited under the BRE Microgeneration Certification Scheme for installing both Photovoltaic (solar electric) Systems & Solar Thermal (hot water) Systems. Accreditation number: MCS 1284. We are also the sole distributor for the Skyrota wind turbine in the North East and Scotland.

We work closely with all sectors of the market including homeowners, architects, developers, housing associations, local authorities and contractors. We are totally independent and therefore can supply and install any accredited product or technology without being biased. With years of practical knowledge and experience we can tailor a design solution to suit all our client’s requirements.

Our Mission

We want to be the market leading installation company focused on installing groundbreaking innovative green energy solutions which improves the quality of life for all and generate excellent returns on investment to our shareholders.

Our History

Inherent Energy was formed by three individuals who have over 15 years experience each in the construction industry. We also have a solar Energy Consultant with over 10 years experience as a Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) Specialist to oversee & provide technical support for the company.

Our Vision

We want to deliver the best micro renewable products at the best prices to our customers in a working environment which rewards our team. Through achieving these goals we will build the company and offer solid returns to our shareholders.


Challenge To provide electrical power for the Kielder Skyspace in Kielder Forest
Existing Nothing
Solution A combined wind & solar energy system with energy storage, inverter unit, self-adjusting timers for sunrise/sunset, control equipment to provide 230VAC “mains equivalent” power to run fibre-optic lighting system to light the Skyspace for visitors.
Tech Spec - 2 x AIR Industrial wind turbines on 6m free standing masts (no guys)
- 1.4kWp solar arry with wiring harness and charge controllers
- Energy storage in ELECSOL 220Ah Calcium maintenance free batteries
- Trace PS2212 charger inverter unit with 230VAC output
- Solar time Clock & Control Equipment
Photo Gallery
2  AIR wind turbines in SummerIn  the Autumn
Result By utilising a combined wind and solar energy system we have been able to maximise the wind power for the winter, and the solar power for the summer with the best of both resources at other times. This system provides 230VAC pure sinewave power to run the metal halide light sources for the fibre-optic lighting within the Skyspace and the timers. In the event of a prolonged period of NO WIND - NO SUN a portable engine generator can be coupled to the system to charge the batteries.
Specials Ther are Skyspaces in Arizona, Japan, and now Kielder, Northumberland. The Kielder Skyspace is the most remote from a power source and WINSUND were able to provide a cost-effective Alternative Energy System using the natural resources available at the site.

Visit the Skyspace (in person) - a new visual experience (- and admire the wind and solar energy system that makes it possible)